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Can I disable wi-fi completely?

Is it possible to simply unplug the wi-fi module in "iPad Mini Wi-Fi" and reassemble, disabling wi-fi completely? Will it have side-affects like bluetooth not working?


iPad Mini Wi-Fi Teardown

"Step 8

Our first exposed IC is one we've seen before, in the iPhone 5.

In fact, you might say we've got a pretty close relationship with the Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi module."


That's the only thing I could find on it.

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It's rumored iOS 7 will have multi-user support with an admin type account function.

Businesses & medical institutions have been asking for this so they can control who and what network it can access. I suspect you'll be able to turn off the WiFi so the other users can't over ride it.

Otherwise you'll need to just turn it off. Apple uses custom multi-use chips. Removing or damaging this chip will effect other things i.e. GPS & Bluetooth.

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Airplane Mode is easier and faster :)

As WiFi is on a separate module it looks like you can do it, but you'll also lose BlueTooth.

There's no telling if iOS will boot OK afterwards if that chip is not detected at boot time.

Quote from:

Apple A6 Teardown

The Murata Wi-Fi SoC module actually comprises a Broadcom BCM4334 package in addition to an oscillator, capacitors, resistors, etc. You can see all the components in the X-ray (third image).

Murata assembles all of the components together and sends their package to Foxconn, where it eventually ends up on the iPhone's logic board. Chipworks said it best: "Murata makes a house that is full of other people's furniture."

Here are the die images for the Broadcom BCM4334, fabricated in Taiwan at TSMC on a 40 nm CMOS process. Its key features:
- Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
- Bluetooth 4.0 + HS
- FM Receiver

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Simply turn it off. Opening up the iPad mini will wreck it. All iPads except iPad 1 should not be disassembled since many adhesive tapes are damaged in the process. The overall assemble quality drops considerably

iOS devices can boot up with dead wifi chips. The wifi switch will turn grey and the Wifi/Bluetooth MAC addresses will be blank

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Airplane mode and "turn it off" are not effective restrictions, sounds like opening it up and unplugging wifi chip is the only option. But I don't really want to do this unless the wifi is separate from bluetooth and other technologies. Maybe I could find one with a dead wifi chip for sale, although I doubt this is very common.


I have an iPad Mini with a WiFi problem - it only connects when right next to the router (It's definitely not a router issue - I've tested against others) and I've re-set everything back to factory = still got the WiFi issue. I NEED WiFi on my mini, so I would consider selling it so I could buy a replacement - it is perfect in every other way.



Thanks but I no longer have this specific requirement. Thanks for your offer though!


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