iPhone 5 only texts and calls on 5 bar reception

Hi there,

I have an iPhone 5 64GB (black) here and the reception seems to be normal, just like my iPhone 4. 5 bars 3G at home, 3 bars 3G at work etc. So just looking at the bars top left, everything is ok.

The annoying thing is that my iPhone 4 still texts, calls and facebooks fine with 2 bars 3G, whereas the iPhone 5 isn't able to do anything with the same amount of bars. It only works fine when it has 5 bars reception, which is not very common where I live.

I've changed my nanosim, reset, placed new bottom antenna etc. but those things didn't help.

Any advice on what else I could try?

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Does it work when connected to a WiFi network ?


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