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Das erste iPhone Modell, A1203, mit 4,8 oder 19 GB Kapazität und einer Aluminium-Rückschale. Bei der Reparatur muss gehebelt und möglicherweise auch gelötet werden.

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Epoxy / glue for back case

The iPhone (2g) case is made of several aluminum parts that have been glued or epoxied together. The bit of aluminum that the head phone jack is screwed to came unglued from my case. Just wondering what would be the best stuff to use to reattach it?

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Fix-All Adhesive is a great all-purpose solvent glue and sealer. It seals and repairs almost any surface easily and quickly. http://www.supergluecorp.com/super-glue/... FixAll

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I’m very far from the top of the page where you were discussing UltraDome. I have worked with epoxy resin. It yellows…I can live with that. Pretty much. But you really have to have a lot of things thought out very well beforehand or fixing it afterwards is a real DRAG!! and sometimes impossible.


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Well i had used Epoxy Seam Sealers for the floor pan bonding in car, it works great. Hopefully it will solve your problem too.

Thanks for the post

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