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only powers on w. plugged in wall, reboots constantly

I do know that this is an old thread, I now have the exact same problem with a 4S. I've tried 2 different batteries (one new, and one from another working 4S) with no luck. Also I've exchanged the dock connector.

Has anybody come to a conclusion on this problem yet ?


Thank you Mitch for the ideas.

The problem started "over night", and as many others it turns on when plugged in wall (but restarts after some minutes). It doesn't get sufficient power from USB and hence, won't turn on when trying to charge with USB (Which again means that I can't get access to itunes)

I have looked at

Block Image

I did measure that there was connection between all these points. The only thing that seems weird to me is that there is 0 ohm resistance between pin 1 and 4. (Be aware that I am NOT a pro to measure with a multimeter)

Again, I have tried several different batteriet with no luck.

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When I run into this problem, usually it has to do with the Charger Port, or the Battery. Replace the battery first. If it is doing the same thing, then it should be the Port. Replace the port and then proceed to charge. Usually fixes it 95% of the time.

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Quane, the reboot problem on an I4 could be many different things, first i would look at water damage and correct it if possible, next I would inspect for a short somewhere on the logic board, to do that you may need a good microscope, or a good phone shop to look at it for you, if it stay;s in boot loop while not plugged into a charger then I would try putting it into DFU mode and restore it on Itunes, good luck.

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Thank you Mitch, but this didn't seem to help me any further so far :-(


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