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iPad Mini mit 7,9 Zoll Display und 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität.

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ipad wont turn on and wont charge ..help me pls

yesterday my ipad wont start after it had an empty battery. the basic troubleshooting steps was 1

did hard reboot, use another charger still no go... try to use laptop but still no power and cannot be sync..

no indication that it is charging and no single light or display.. totally deaad..

try known good adapter and charger still no go.. was just playing a game when the battery was low and the ipad got empty bat. when i came back home i try to charge it but it wont and did many hard reboot. last two weeks the same symptoms came and the power button plus home key presseing work and now i am so sad my ipad has no life.. please help me...

also my memory is low.. never dropped or wet my ipad

hope there is still a light of my problem...

thank so much in advance ...

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did you try to use a different AC wall charger?


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First have a look inside the dock connector and check for any dirt or other objects and clean them out if there is any.

Second I would recommend leaving the iPad mini on a AC wall charger for a few hours and then have another look to see if the iPad is working.

Failing all that, its time to send your iPad back to Apple as it will still be covered by the warranty and since you have not damaged it, you will not want to pay out for any repairs.

Let me know how you get on and which method leads to success, if you need any more help please ask.


Brendan Mills

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I ipad 2 does not charge or turn on I have tried holding the sleep and the home button on for 10 second nothing happen help please some one from god Is number 1

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how much will it cost to repair it

do you knw


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Hi, I'm from Panama, I have the same Problem :(

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