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2,3GHz, 2,6GHz oder 2,7GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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After juice fell on MacBook he start unstable.

The story is next.

The child fall a little of juice on right part of MacBook Pro Retina 2012 (976 model). The keys "Power, Delete, ], /, Return, shift, cursor" are heavily pressed. But they work and they are not repeated. So first of all we turned off macbook, disconnected from powerdc. Hairdryer was used to dry that part. Then I disassembled them. The water was on right speaker and right i/o board. When i cleaned all. Also I disconnected mainboard to study where is water more. the water on mainboard was not detected. I assembled. Tried to turn on. Startup sound. Then Apple Logo was shown, then Error. and restart. And it was continued great number. I put aside him for few days. Yesterdays I was back to him. I started up him - the situation the same. Ok, I tried to start windows from bootcamp. Windows started but there was garbage on the screen. It looked like colors are messed, the image of screen was like 8 mini displays. Ok. I decided that it can be a problem of nvidia. i booted on mac os x in single mode. I was surprised that is ok. Turned off all nvidia kext. And mac os started in 2880x1800 mode. I used istat to check Voltage. all was in normal. I began to turn on each driver of nvidia step by step. I discovered that problem is in nvdaresman.kext. When I first turned on nvdaresman macbook dont startup as before, i turned off, startup mac - ok, then turn on nvdaresman again and suddenly mac loaded with supporting nvidia. I used again istat to check voltage and etc. All is normal (because near i have another macbook retina to check). Well, then i restarted few times, he not always started but started from time to time. I downloaded from torrent Apple service diagnostic. And booted it (before it also dont booted).

ASD shows next:

[08/05/13 23:00:42] Chipset: Dmi Error Check (test #25) - Dmi Error Check

- Checks for Dmi related errors.

[23:00:43] ERROR - -12105 [PCI driver IOService open error] -- TEST FAILED

[08/05/13 23:00:45] Current (ID0R) -- DC In (test #1) - Sensor Reads Within Operating Range

- Check to ensure that sensor reads within operating range.

[23:00:45] ERROR -- 3 [Sensor reading below low point] -- TEST FAILED

[08/05/13 23:02:27] SATA: SATA PCI Register Test (test #1) - SATA PCI Register Test

- Checks the SATA link error registers for dropped data packets using direct PCI access.

[23:02:27] ERROR - -12105 [PCI driver IOService open error] -- TEST FAILED

[08/05/13 23:02:28] SD Card Reader (test #2) - Card Reader Sleep Wake Test

- Verify card reader usb interface is maintained or re-enumerated upon a sleep wake cycle.

[23:04:06] ERROR -- 14 [Problem encounterred when waking up from sleep] -- TEST FAILED

[08/05/13 23:11:37] Thermal Interface - Processor:Processor0: TIM Test 75 percent GB (test #4) - TIM Test 75 percent GB

- Check that CPU heatsink is properly attached, using product spec theta dh + 75 percent guardband.

[23:12:14] ERROR -- 1 [Theta dh too high] -- TEST FAILED

Does anyone has any idea what I need to check?


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The machine will not fix himself - no matter how long you wait. You have a physically damaged logic board. This is a very advanced DIY project.

You might have some luck stripping down the entire machine and cleaning the logic board, as you do that you need a magnifying glass to look for burned or corroded parts on the logic board. Or, you might have destroyed the logic board by turning the machine on while it was wet. Reading your error report you have a lot of potentially damaged components. Follow some of the similar Questons from the tags at right to see what sort of work you're in for.

If you find burned components, you'll have to replace the logic board, or hire someone to fix the components. Replacing the entire logic board an advanced DIY project is the easiest, quickest DIY repair

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