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The 16/600 PS is a postscript printer manufactured by apple.

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Configure my appletalk printer to work with 2Wire 2701HG-G?

I have an ISP-provided DSL modem called a "2Wire 2701HG-G", and I want to configure it to interface to my LaserWriter. It could be an AppleTalk issue, but the modem tech specs say it handles the AppleTalk network protocol.

Or it could be an issue with the firewall internal to the 2701HG-G.

Whatever the issue turns out to be, I have been all the way though Support with both the ISP and the modem manufacturer with no results so far.

Can anyone make a suggestion?

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I assume you are running a system 9 network since you mentioned AppleTalk. If so, I believe all you will need to do is add a router onto the modem. Your system should see the 16-600 with no problems. Will it work directly via a standard ethernet cable or crossover cable? What machines and systems are you operating?

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sounds like a plan +


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The 2701 is a modem and wireless router with 4 port ethernet built in. I would start by checking for a firmware update on the 2701 then if that does not work then log into the modem and check the individual settings on the firewall. Depending on your provider your modem may have a different default gateway to log into it. Hopefully that will help some.

The standard default gateway address that I have used is either or enter this into a browser window. Default user name and passwords it usually admin; admin. Sometimes its just the user name and no password.

Good luck

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