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Aimed at business users, the Tecra M3 is a notebook computer manufactured by Toshiba in 2005.

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No Power to Computer

My Toshiba Notebook Computer is not working anymore. I thought it might be the AC adapter so I purchased a new one. With the old one there was no power at all, no lights when it was plugged in.

With the new one I have two lights showing, power and battery, both green. The battery light was yellow when I first plugged it in, but after an hour or so it turned green.

But when I hit the power button nothing happens, the computer does not fire up. Screen is black, and there does not seem to be any activity in the computer.

I suspect one of my kids spilled something on the notebook or the battery is no good.

Any ideas?


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Your battery is probably good as the charger lights changed from yellow to green showing it's charged. Try booting from your system installation disk.

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Dead mainboard


If you have this problem always check the charger with a multimeter, kids tend to leave laptops on bedding quilts switched on and it overheats blowing the circuits on the mainboard. I come across this quite often.

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If the multimeter shows a reading on the pins that connect to the battery then you know you have current flowing through the board and making it to charge the battery. I check this to rule out fried board quickly. Also, an easy quick check is to look in all the USB ports and make sure none of them are damaged. if two pins in any of the USB ports are bent up and touching each other the computer will short and not start. Simply bending them so they no longer touch would resolve such an issue.

Good luck!

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Your battery is not the problem. I tested my Toshiba Tecra M3 laptop and with the power adapter plugged in it will boot up with a flat battery or even with no battery at all.

Because your laptop showed signs of life only with the new power brick, the old one is probably bad. Rather than throwing out the old power brick, you should troubleshoot it and see if you can repair it.

When you power on your laptop, listen closely. You should hear the hard drive spin up almost immediately. If your laptop has been without power for a long time, it will beep and prompt you to press F1 to reset the date and time.

If your laptop is completely unresponsive, disassemble and check the power button. While it is disassembled, you can inspect for signs of the spill you suspect that your kids committed.

You can find a link to the Tecra M3 manual here:


On page 209 it says this:

The computer will not start.

Make sure you attached the AC adapter and power cord/cable properly or installed a charged battery.

Press and hold the power switch for at least 10 seconds.

If you are using the AC adapter, check that the wall outlet is working by plugging in another device, such as a lamp.

Verify that the computer is on by looking at the on/off indicator. If the indicator is glowing, the computer is on.

If you are using an AC adapter, verify that the computer is receiving power from the external power source by looking at the AC power light. If the indicator is glowing, the computer is connected to a live external power source.

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