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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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Screen is not displayed, only sunlight I can see

Hi, I have an ipod nano, over a period of two months the backlight of the screen no longer wanted to see, and desepues of that time period from one day to another screen and did not look back light, if I put it to sunlight if it looks and I can navigate the ipod, perhaps moisture problem be? that's why you do not see? as I can repair? thanks

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Do you run with the iPod, work out while wearing it, or live in an extremely humid climate? The reason that you can only see the screen in sunlight is because the backlight is out, which is a light located behind the screen that lights it up. I have had many iPod nanos have this problem, and they are all liquid damage to the backlight circuitry on the logic board. The problem is, if you sweat on the iPod or move from a cool, dry indoor environment, into a hot humid one quickly, moisture will get inside. You can try disassembling the iPod and taking out the logic board, then cleaning it with isopropyl and a small brush(gently). This may remove then corrosion off the board ad save the iPod, but remember to be very carful, since the components are very delicate and can easily be broken.

Hope this Helps

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