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Dritte iPad Generation, 4G fähig, Modellnummer A1430, erhältlich seit dem 16. März 2012. Die Reparatur erfordert Hitzezufuhr und vorsichtiges Hebeln.

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Digitizer ghost entries. (Going crazy)

Have done several of these digitizer replacements.

Originally the customer dropped the iPad3, denting the back casing on the side at the volume control. This jammed the volume button in, causing the vol dialog box to stay stuck on screen at the vol down position.

Disassembled the device, removed busted digitizer, carefully bent the casing back and painstakingly got it back flat to where it would accommodate a new screen trim bezel. Installed a new digitizer. And voila everything is working, looks great, and can barely tell it was ever dropped.

HOWEVER.. Right of the bat I am getting ghost entries. Holding the ipad right side up with the Apple button at the bottom, the area that appears to be performing ghost entries is in the M to I range on the keyboard(in the right side up position.

What could be causing this? Bad Digitizer? Ribbon not seated properly? It is driving me insane. And the iPad is performing like it IS insane. It is unusable in this state, and the customer is growing impatient.

I hate having to redo this again, and potentially breaking the digitizer removing it again. Not to mention getting it back on, having to redo the adhesive, etc.



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Anyone else have experience with this kind of problem?



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Very interesting, do you have another digitizer to try? If you don't, then you can try cleaning the contact with some alcohol, but I assume you did that. Make sure the ribbon didn't get pinched while closing it up. Latches closed down I assume. Could be a bad digitizer, could be a silly error during install. Best to tear it down and check again. Good luck.

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I know this is a late answer but I just saw this thread. I've found ghost entries are usually caused by the foam pad around the LCD being damaged when the old digitizer was removed. It drove me nuts!!!

Now I replace the LCD foam pad every time and I've never had this happen again.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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