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'07 MacBookPro15 reassemble: Frozen hinge

2007 Macbook Pro 15" a1226 reassemble: Frozen hinge

Hi- I just started to reassemble a MBP15 that I've had apart for ages. Had to replace the lcd, bottom panel etc. As I get the lcd panel together I noticed both hinges are frozen stiff. I don't remember noticing anything like this when I took everything apart. Did I mess up by taking these off? This macbook had seen better days, so I took it apart to clean, re-apply the thermal paste etc. But the screen opened and closed just fine. Not too stiff or too loose. The lcd was cracked partially, but contained in the lcd panel.

The hinges are stuck fully open, on the same plane...like if the mbp could be opened so that the bottom panel and the rear display were laying flat on a tabletop. Hope that makes sense. And I'm hoping someone can tell me there's some trick to resetting 'em, or I'm just doing something stupid, and ya get them to move by doing this...

I can't believe how much these little things cost! I'll duct tape this thing back together before I'd buy new hinges! :-)

Thanks - mike

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Try using a little WD-40 to free them up. Spray a little WD-40 on a peice of tin foil and use a tooth pick to blot a little on each hinge and slowly work them. Auto lock ease, or a few drops of automatic transmission fluid may also work.

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+10! Now I ask, why the heck didn't I think to try that?! :-)

Those suckers were stuck so solidly, I couldn't move 'em a millimeter by hand, wrongly assumed these expensive suckers were more than just stuck! Oiling the suckers up never occured to me. doh!

Thanks to your advice, a little oil from an electric hair-clipper kit I had on hand, some WD-40 later in the day, decent pliars in each hand....I got the suckers to move. Very slowly and still pretty tight. But feels good for how little leverage my hands have to what it'll be with the screen and everything tightly attached. Thanks again! I was off to sort through the new screw set I got for this 'project'. One look at the little baggy full of teeny tiny screws, (my vision is much worse than when I took this thing apart 3 years ago) I can see its time to go hit a .99cent store and upgrade my reading glasses!! Thanks again.



Yes you want the action to be "stiff" - not too lose or the display may not stay open.


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