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Zweite Generation des CDMA iPad mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität und Dual Core A5 Prozessor. Modell Nummer A1397. Reparatur verlangt Feingefühl, Hitzezufuhr und Hebeln.

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Why wont my Ipad hold a charge for more than 8 hours?

The Ipad was dropped on the bottom left corner and spider-ed the screen. Also the aluminum backing was damaged and needed to be bent out a little on the corner to help the new glass fix. When I had the screen replaced, everything works perfect except that the battery will not hold a charge more than 8 hours while not being used. When being used, it will last only about 4 hours. I returned it to the person who fixed it and he said everything was "normal".

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Reduce the brightness, turn off cellular data and keep testing. If the battery still runs out fast, restore the system software and try again

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or maybe just coincidence and needs a new battery.

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