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Water Damage Repair: Clean as a whistle but won't boot?

I've inherited a mid-2012 MacBook Pro that's background story was some wine spilled and the computer no longer works. I've had some luck with repairing liquid damaged MacBooks so I decided to give this a shot.

I've disassembled and cleaned the logic board and mag-safe DC-in twice over. First time utilizing medical grade denatured alcohol then deionized water followed by 72 hours of drying in a rice bin.

That didn't work, so I gave mayor's suggestion a shot of soaking the board in detergent and hot water followed by a drying spell.. no luck.

The computer shows no signs of life. With the mag safe plugged in the light on the mag safe does not glow, the indicator lights on the side does not blink and no part of the logic board gets warm to the touch. Utilizing battery power, the indicator lights do not show the battery life status nor will the computer boot.

Is this guy a goner or is there something I'm overlooking? I think he still has some life in him but it may just be over my skill set. Thanks in advanced!

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Yes you could be overlooking a fuse or burned/shorted components or connectors. Unfortunately some of the cleaning may have removed burn marks that would point to the damage. Usually you have to go over the board with a magnifier looking for burn marks or swollen components. I am not certain if these models had a fuses (some models do).

You'd probably need access to the test unit that the factory runs on boards to find the problem so, IMHO, the only DIY repair would be to replace the logic board. . . which may not be a complete loss as you could put the fastest board/processor for that model sequence in as an upgrade.

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Hi, I also found that after a spill frequently the power button will have shortened out. It is part of the keyboard assembly, and can be changed by replacing the keyboard. Inexpensive in parts, but labour intensive,,,some 100 tiny screws and all guts have to come out first. But it worked for me on a spill damaged machine.

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