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The Samsung Captivate is a USA-exclusive flagship Android phone in the Galaxy S class of devices, released by Samsung in March 2010 for use on the AT&T network. Identifiable by model number SGH-I897.

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Can the board go bad for the antenna?

I threw my phone and broke the screen but had that replaced but now it goes from full service to no service, could it be the antenna board? I took it apart and there is no visible to the board or the antenna but? Im just not sure if I should spend the money on a replacement antenna or not? Please help

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If you are not planning on buying a new phone than yes you have to go for replacement antenna. But before you replace the antenna try reinstalling the OS of your smart phone.

Or try a factory reset after saving your phone data and see if on-board antenna picks up the signal.

Good Luck!

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I had the screen fixed through Rogers so when I got the phone back and had the signal problems I took it back to the store and the girl tried a few things with it including replacing my sim card but nothing worked and she told me I would have to send it away again to be looked at for repair. but If I can fix it myself I would rather not spend a fortune on it.


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