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Before merging with HP, Compaq manufactured a full range of laptop computers. Now they are manufactured by HP mostly with basic features.

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Why won't my external mouse work

I am trying to use an external mouse on my Compaq laptop. It used to work fine but now doesn't even recognize when I plug it into the usb ports. I have tried all 3 usb ports and none of them recognize it, the mouse works fine on other computers. I have already tried updating the drivers and they are all up to date and have plugged other usb port device into all 3 usb ports (keyboard) and they work fine for that. I am tired of using the touchpad and want my mouse back....any suggestions?

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Try using a different mouse and see if it works.

Try disabling the touch pad and plug mouse into USB port and see if get connected.

Try going to hardware manager , plug your mouse in USB, scan for hardware changes and see if it shows your mouse.

God Luck.

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i have tried using different mice and no look but I will try the other suggestions and let you know :) thanks


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I went into device manager and went down to Universal Serial Bus Controllers. A lot were errors. I went to {Update Software] { Browse computer} { hit the blue rectangle under browse and clicked the (Microsoft) one. Its probably different but look for usb hub connecters and follow that.

Just saying I'm not 100%

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