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Das Modell A1238 / 80, 120, oder 160 GB Festplatte / schwarzes oder silbernes Metallfrontteil

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iPod Classic stuck in disk mode BUT plays in iTunes?

When connected to my old G4 Laptop it plays songs from iTunes Library but still won't respond to commands other than arrow next song?

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Have you tried a restore? Have you tried a different computer? What have you tried thus far?


I have not tried a restore--don't know how-nothing on the iPod responds.

I do not have another old laptop to connect it to.

It's a 60 gig iPod Model A1136

Is there a guide for it?



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First thing I suggest is that you unplug your iPod and run the diagnostics. Here are the how-to and what the results mean. Let us know what you find out so that we may help you further, if needed.

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Thank you! Thank you! iPod RE-SET and I didn't loose anything! Thank you!


you are welcome :-) best of luck to you.


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