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My iPad mini screen is spiderwebbed, how should I replace?

Like I said in the question, my iPad mini is spiderwebbed and cracked. Unfortunately, I can't post any photos because my iPad was my main camera. I saw the guide on how to replace the digitizer (I only broke the digitizer), but the digitizer in the guide was intact. I am afraid that the glass shards of the digitizer will fall on the LCD inside and damage it, and also there is no real section I can use the suction cup on, because it it cracked.

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Ouch! Here's the IFIXIT guide Replacing iPad Mini Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly You'll need to get to Step 25 to get the cover glass off. As you can see its a bit of work and you must be very careful here as the digitizer film in all thats holding the glass together.

You may want to slap some tape across the glass to help hold it together.

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May I ask what a digitizer film is?


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My iPad mini 2 screen cracked and my dad is gonna be super mad what do I do??

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