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Modelle A1237 oder A1304 / 1,6, 1,8, 1,86, oder 2,13 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Problem with SSD MacBook Air A1304


I have a problem with formatting SSD in MBA A1304.

I installed a new SSD (Samsung), went to Disk Utility.

SSD is visible but when I try to partition it, the process is never finished.

I checked this SSD on other laptop (Win), it works good, both partitioning it and formatting were success.

I checked the other HDD cable against my MBA and result is the same - partitioning is frozen.

So, both SSD and hdd cable are good.

What could be the reason? Motherboard?

Did anyone faced with the same issue?



I use original MBA A1304 SSD Drive!

Please see my first post:

SSD is visible but when I try to partition it, the process is never finished.

Any other useful ideas?

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Oleg - Just to be clear here you are using the original SSD that came with your MacBook Air, correct? I think what got us confused here is you stated you have a new Samsung SSD not the original SSD (or HD) the system came with. If on the other hand this is a new Samsung SSD then the issue is within the SSD or its' connection not the system its' self as you can get it to see the SSD.


Can you take a picture of your SSD so we can see the labels & chip markings. I'm thinking you have a SATA II or SATA III device Vs the needed SATA I.


Are you able to setup a USB connected flash drive (partition, format & install the Mac OS onto it) on this system?


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The issue has been resolved. The prob was in SATA controller on logic board.

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I replaced motherboard.


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Did you get the correct SSD?

Is your MBA the A1237 model which has a PATA (ZIF) HD/SSD, and you got a SATA drive by mistake?

If you have one of the A1304 models the SSD needs to be a 1.8" SATA I (1.5 Gb/s) drive. In addition Apple has two different versions of ribbon cable as the HD vendor changed the type of connector on the HD/SSD's to a different type. So you do need to make sure you have the correct drive for the cable your system has or replace the cable to correctly mate to your HD/SSD.

Here's the IFIXIT Guide HD replacement guide

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You could use the partitioning from the laptop where it works - just choose GUID. You might be trying to run a SAT III SSD on a SATA I machine - in that case you have to drop the transfer speed, or, replace the drive.

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