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Modell A1311 / Mitte 2010 / 3,06 & 3,2 GHz Core i3 oder 3,6 GHz Core i5 Prozessor

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How to install OSX with no Optical Drive or USB


My Hard Drive crashed and I replaced it with a same brand, same capacity drive (Seagate 1TB).

When I tried installing the OS from a Snow Leopard DVD, the optical drive would not boot from it. The optical drive had problems before, it wouldn't burn cds or dvds and it would have problems reading dvds.

I booted from internet recovery since my imac had Mountain Lion. I went ahead and formatted my new HD, as Mac Os journaled, and it worked but when I tried to restore the OS on my HD, it says I need to log in with the apple account used to install Mountain Lion. (I took it to a local iShop last time I had hard drive problems and they updated my Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and I don't have their account).

I even tried booting from USB with a copy of Snow Leopard according to this link and I got it to chime with the apple logo, but it stayed like that for hours and no progress from there.

Also tried Disk Utility from Internet Recovery and got it to read the OSX installation DVD. Went ahead and rebooted from that drive but didn't get further than the chime and the apple logo.

I was wondering if its possible to install the OS on my new drive using a dock and installing it from a same model imac (I have another one at my office). I read somewhere about doing something similar. Could this be a solution?

Don't know what else to do =(

help me please!

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When you try to restore does your name or the stores name come up in the Apple ID box?


Both the user and password spaces are blank.


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You can clone (restore) a valid OS from one mac to your new drive. Connect the two machines via firewire. Target boot the good one, then boot the one with the new drive. It will find a valid boot drive, but if it doesn't reboot with the option key down and choose the drive with the OS on it.

From Applications/Utilties launch DiskUtility:DFA-chose restore tab... drop the icons in the appropriate place and restore.

This will copy the user account - you'll have to disconnect the machines reboot the one with the new drive, log in and create a new master user account... then you can delete the cloned one.

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Got it to boot with the good HD and now im on the Disk Utility. I'm not clear as to which drive to chose from the left to restore from... can you detail these next steps please? Thanks!


Figured it out. I'm now copying from the good one. Crossing my fingers!


You should be OK - just remember to create a new master user account.


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Mountain Lion is a paid upgrade. Did you try putting in your Apple ID and password?

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Yes but it tells me it's not the ID that was used to purchase it. The upgrade was done without my consent or knowledge.


What they've probably done is clone the hard drive contents from another machine instead of installing a clean system. This would save them a lot of time but leaves you in a bind. Call them and find out what they've done. I'd also examine your invoice to see what you were charged for. Did they give you your old hard drive back? Tell us about the Snow Leopard disk you're trying to use, what color is it and did it come with this machine., Also what are the last three letters of your serial number (located on the bottom of the stand).


What I'm wondering is that if your hard drive was replaced at all or under warranty. Was the repair place an Authorized Apple Service Provider? How long did they have your machine? Also please go here and enter your serial number to see if this drive was covered under warranty: http://www.apple.com/support/imac-harddr...

Does the old drive or new one have Apple logos on them?


I was able to clone the OS from the other iMac I had, this should do until I get a good OS Install DVD.

The first time I had problems with my iMac it was already out of warranty, I got it on 2010 and it failed last year. Back then I ran the install DVD that came with it and the disk utility confirmed that my hard drive had errors and it needed to be replaced. I decided to take it to the authorized mac reseller (in my country we only have authorized resellers, no official Mac stores) and pay for a fix but silly me forgot to take out the original install DVD.

I asked the technician about my hard drive and he said that there was no warranty on the hard drive and that I had to buy a new $250 drive from them (not including the $60 he charged me just to confirm what I already knew). He also said that my drive could be fixed and keep being used but that it could die any day.


Since I didn't have the money I asked him to back my info and restore the system with my drive, keeping in mind that I needed to order a new HD sooner or later. He went ahead and installed ML and a some programs like CS6 (I'm assuming these were unlicensed) without my knowledge. When I got it back I wanted my original Snow Lion back on it but the technician said it would take a week cuz of the work load. Also, they misplaced my original OS install DVD. This was all before I knew of ifixit.

A couple of weeks ago my hard drive crashed and I took it as a personal project. I got the seagate out (It does have the mac logo) and bought a seagate drive with the same specs on a local store. The disc I was using was one burned by a friend, later I tried using my other imac's install DVD (it is the same model) but no luck.

I'm going to check out the serial number on that link as soon as I get home. Thanks for your help!


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