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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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Is possible to upgrade my clamshell Blueberry's HD to this 40Gb model?

Since I'm leaving at Germany and iFixit is currently not selling hard drives for iBook clamshell, I found two another options:



But are any of these HDs compatible with my clamshell?

Actually I have no clue about it. Mactracker says that my clamshell uses ATA-2 HDs, and I saw many Ultra ATA HDs. Are they compatible too?

Also I don't understand how ATA-2 is related (or not) to ATA100.

I'm a complete dummy about this, and will appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance

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Vielen Dank Markus,

These two other websites +/- pointed me in the right direction:



(see item 4.5)

But you confirmed this with different sources. Great!

PS: The weather at Bremen is also nice.


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The clamshell uses ata2 hd's (source: everymac.com)

conrad is great - i'm almost every week at the store in nuremberg ;-)

ultra ata is only a different name for ata2 (source: wikipedia.org)

have fun in good old germany (btw - the weather is great at the moment ;-) )

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