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Modell A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, oder 1.5 GHz G4-Prozessor

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Upgrading RAM from 512 to 1G

I will be changing my RAM from 512 to 1G prior to installing Leopard.

Do I need to do anything special besides just changing the stick on the first startup?

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No the computer should see the new memory on startup and be good. Just be careful to select the proper ram for your computer. I am including links for replacing the memory and for the memory itself is case you don't have them. Good luck with your project. Ralph

Mac mini (PowerPC) RAM Replacement

[verlinktes Produkt fehlt oder ist deaktiviert: IF111-035-1]

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Thank-you Ralf. I will give it a try this weekend.

Another question: I will purchase a wrist stap on the way home. Where should it be connected to?


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