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Broken screen, computer won't recognize phone

I recently dropped my 5, and it didn't crack but the lcd screen had 3 white lines on the right side of the screen and that side stopped functioning, i could still answer and make calls with siri, but couldn't unlock, later the entire screen went black, and now when i plug it into the computer, it makes the charging noise or vibrates every 5 seconds, but my computer won't recognize it, and itunes tells me i need to unlock it before i can back it up, is my phone a total lost cause? or is there some way i can back it up or fix it? thank you!

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Before trying anything, I recommend taking it to the Apple store if you are under warranty. Might get lucky and get a new one for FREE! I took an out-of-warranty water damaged 5 I got from a buddy and paid $300 (with tax) for a brand spanking new one. If that doesn't work, then need a new LCD-Digitizer assembly for the 5. That should fix the black screen.

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