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Zweite Generation des WiFi iPads, erschienen am 11. März 2011. Modell Nummer A1395. Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitzezufuhr.

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Volume down button doesn't work

Recently while changing the screen on an iPad 2 the power button flex cable got cut, so the power button wasn't working anymore. Ordered new cables. Connecting the cables and now the volume down button doesn't work. I have tried about 4-5 different cables (purchased from 2 different suppliers). The original cable volume and mute/rotation lock switch worked. But with new cables everything BUT the volume down button works.

Anybody seen anything like this? Is it possible somehow something else affects it? Can 4-5 different cables REALLY have a bad volume down?

powered off and back on. nothing.

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More than anything else, it sounds to me like the connector where the cable connects to the logic board is probably bad. If you're noticing something this consistent, it's more likely that a pin in the connector was bent, or the cables aren't making a full connection.

If the connector on the logic board is damaged, there's nothing much you can do unless you have access to a Microscope and very very fine soldering equipment.

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