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Where can I find a voice box for this toy?

I have a 1995 Woody the Cowboy Doll. This is the original Woody doll that came out in 1995 after the movie premiere. It has (mine had) a pull-string on the back that made him talk. Mine has no voice box or the string.

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I would just like to buy a new voice box for the woody doll take the old one out and put the new one in or send the doll to someone to fix it has it is the original one and my son is now 22 please


How about an offer from the online store https://babyuniquecorn.com/collections/s.... This is a children's toy store where I shop regularly.


ok get a woody doll and do this in order or it will now work ok ok get the woody doll get a new woody doll then get the new woody doll´s string and un tie it hold the string and keep it in your hands or it will go in the box and you cant get it out take out the old voice box in the old woody doll put it in ther still hold the string and pull the string up the hole the you pull the string at ok if you did that the plastic that you untied tie it back on hot glue it anwere and boom it shold work hope this is help full


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Here you go: check this out on ebay. You can use this one or just cut the voice box outa of it and install it in yours.

I hope it works!


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