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Die Mac mini Familie existiert seit Januar 2005.

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Can I us an iMac for a display with the mac mini?

Can I?

Apple says no, they are two separate computers. But the imac is busted and the mac mini has no display.

So wth? I should be able to use the display on the imac for us with the mini. Right?

There has to be a hack for this.

Let me know please!

Thank you.


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Frank, are you trying to connect the LCD panel to your Mac Mini? What model is your iMac as well as your Mac Mini? May be something could be rigged together.


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Sorry no.

In this case you can't. If your iMac was working you could have used a remote control app to manage the Mac mini via the network connection (Ethernet or even WiFi). Here you are trying to use a closed systems display to connect to a different system.

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I don't really care for that. This may be another case of unrepairability.


Whats the problem with your iMac? Maybe its repairable. Your other option is to get a cheap $200 LCD display. OT might have a trick up his sleeve here to rig up a LVDS converter box to mini display port. In the end you need to consider the costs and how you plan to use your system. I would put the money & effort on fixing the iMac then you can use both systems ;-}


It probably is. I think it's the hard drive. So easy enough to fix. However it's for years old and I maxed on speed and I have a some video editing to do.


OK, lets see if we can fix your iMac and maybe in the process give it some more punch. What is the exact model of your iMac (last three digits of your S/N will do)? Can you explain what you are encountering here? Is the system starting up with a folder with a question mark on it? Does it make any sound and does the display light up?

If we can't give it more punch you can still use your Mac mini as a process server using a remote management client on your working iMac.

We use quite a few Mac mini's this way here, off loading any heavy processing onto the mini so the iMac can be used for other things. I have a few programers that have a few slave mini's to compile code while they work on other things concurrently.


It's a 2210. I am out of the country at the moment so when I get home I'll plug it in and take a look at it again. So I'll get back to you, thanks.


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