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How will my Keyboard act if I swap the keys?

I've got a Mid-2007 white MacBook and i got a black topcase. I want to swap the white and black keys and keep the white topcase to make my Mac look cooler.

The new keyboard has the new functions keys (Dashboard, exposé, etc) but my MacBook hasn't... Is there a way to make the multimedia keys F7-F10, the brightness and volume work?

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The black topcase plastic is a bit broken. I can't put it in my mac. There is a different key fixing system, i can't simply swap the keycaps. The keyboard is held with melt plastic tabs. I'll swap the full keyboard and trackpad and glue the result together


In the past with iBooks, I've alternated the colors white and black in a checkerboard pattern. It looks really cool (just a suggestion).


Hey JoelC. That's rather unlucky. The majority of the MacBook upper cases have the plastic keyboard key scissors, not the metal ones. I would say 95% of them :(


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The main issue here is that you must install the upper case that has the functionality you are wanting (Expose, etc). The newer upper case is not only backward compatible with your older MacBook, but the new key functionality is gained by upgrading the case. Very cool. After installation, its a free-for-all. Swap keys all you want and the function behind the key is not going to change. I personally have alternating black and white horizontal rows on my MacBook keyboard, although I do not have the fancy upgraded keyboard with the dashboard and expose key functions. Have fun!

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I started with a white MacBook and changed out the lower case and the rear display bezel for black components. It now looks like an Oreo when closed :)


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