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Die Nintendo Wii Spielekonsole erschien Ende 2006 und wurde bis 2011 produziert.

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Wii keeps freezing few miniutes after running

My Nintendo Wii keeps freezing a few minutes after turning it on. I was watching Netflix and it popped up with a loading screen and froze. There was no function of any button on the remote or console itself. I shut it down by unplugging it and waited five minutes before rebooting, went into Netflix again and it froze while loading the Netflix app. I repeated the unplugging process and went into Wii settings to see if there was a system update, and it keeps freezing every time I try to do that. I've dusted the system, left it unplugged overnight, and no success. It keeps doing the same thing. I went on the Nintendo site and it says this problem requires repairs, so I would have to send it in and pay at least $75-- I can buy a used/refurbished Wii for $70 so this doesn't seem like a good option. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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Do you check is the fan on back side working? Do you try "Reset"?

Remove all USB devices, and the memory card.


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I'm going to try erasing and formatting mine because it's doing the same thing. I'll let you know what happened

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