The successor to the LG Optimus 3D, this phone is identifiable by the model number P720.

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My phone won't turn on!

Hi ! last month i want to update my android version to ICS (android 4.0) but what happen is the phone was out of charge when i start updating it it was like 20% =\\ when the update start installing my phone turn off and know i can't turn it on =(( (when i turn it on the screen work and showup the word *LG* and then turn off it's like that 10 times and then turn off when i put the phone on charge still doing this >.> i tryed to root it but won't work =( and i can't even connect it to pc =\\ please help

ps: from this page i tryed to update my phone

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So many people do a self-made update on LG 3D Max to a newer android and have trouble. And why? Because the f**king LG Company lie and do nothing for us!!

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