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Ipad mini Lcd is on, however back light isn't. help!

I followed the front panel replacement guide from ifixit. Everything seem to go how the guide says. However after connecting the lcd back, it wont turn on. But it looks like i am able to see my lockscreen wallpaper and time, however no backlight is turned on. What can i do?

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There is an extensive thread on here that details a DIY jumper that can be made to turn your backlight back on--- but I always caution people to really consider just having a professional replace the fuse on the motherboard--it can be done easily and affordably with the right tools. You can find mail-in iPad mini backlight repair service on eBay if your local shop doesn't do it.

Feel free to contact me with more questions-- jessabethany@gmail.com

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Your back light filter is blown, that is a very difficult repair. You should take it to a local repair shop that can hand that type of repair.

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The error may also be in the IC chip that was used in the replacement. You need to update to the most recent iOS and you also should attempt a new screen. Before sending it off, redo the job, but make sure the Mini is off. Do a soft reset. Do not use metal tools to release any plugs on the inside.

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