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BIOS doesn't start!

I have a 10 year old P-III. For 15 days, whenever I turned on my PC it would ask for BIOS settings - though the BIOS battery was good (3 V). Now, BIOS doesn't start - no BIOS screen or beep. Someone said, the capacitors on the motherboard could have overcharged. So I disconnected the SMPS; removed BIOS backup battery and pressed the holder to discharge nearby capacitors. No luck. So is it R.I.P for my work horse?

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Sadly so, i reckon the board is toast :-(


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does the fan in the power supply start rotating? If not, try another power supply. Does the fan on the CPU-cooler start rotating, just if the CPU-cooler has a fan? Does the screen show the BIOS of the graphic card? If not,try another graphic card. When the computer asks for BIOS setting every time you start, put in a new battery.

Take a look at the capacitors, if it looks like somethings leaking out of it, or the top is bent outwards it's pretty clear that the capacitor is close to or already dead.

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I have prolem as same you ,When I change mainboard (beacause I think it's diet or old...)and my computer was running.

Bios not prolem -> it's exactly is a software

good look

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