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installation second SSD drive


I bought a imac 21.5 " i5 directly from Apple store exactly in October 2013 without the" Fusion Drive ".

Given that the "Fusion Drive" was available at the time of purchase I would like to know if the machine has internally the possibility of adding a second SSD...

the second SATA cable is already inside?



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Yes you can the drive can be purchased through OWC.

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Thank You


I'm struggling to identify a specific item there Machead3, is it a proprietary connection or something more generic? I was hoping to install a Crucial M500 SATA or mSATA drive. Any ideas?


David is your iMac late '13? If not there is no connector included if you didn't order the Fusion drive. - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link on the O.Q. or a particular Answer.


Oops sorry. First time commenting. It is the late 2013 model, I'm. Just insure what would fit into the second bay.


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