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Support für Gateway Desktop-Computer. Gateway ist jetzt Teil von Acer und alles Neue von Gateway wird von der Acer-Gruppe unterstützt.

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Gateway FX6860-UR20P won't recognize any of my Ethernet cables?

I just had my computer looked at by the geek squad, they fixed all the problems I was having with not being able to connect to airport networks. It lasted for about a week and started to decline, I decided to switch over to Ethernet so I route a cable from my modem to my computer and hooked it all up. To my surprise nothing occured, no pop ups, no connection. I booted up my Laptop to see if it was my cable, but when I plugged it in almost immediately it connected, provided better connection then just wireless. I'm not sure what the problem is and I'm not sure wether to build myself a new computer or see if geek squad can help again. If you need any more info just ask

My desktop - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...

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Launch CMD

It will open a command prompt.. Enter this: ping

If you see Packets send and receive it means it's indicated to software issue which may be the drivers.

However, if you see fail or something else, it's hardware issue, that is! Your NIC is dead..

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Well it said ping is not recognized, So I guess my NIC is dead, I barely know what that is, but I know the name. Can I replace it? or am I screwed?


Then your network card is dead, just type NIC on ebay. It's around 5 bucks.

Good luck!


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