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Die MacBook Familie entstand im Jahr 2006 und ersetzte das iBook als Consumer Laptop.

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MacBook will not power on after replacing DVD drive. Why?

I watched a short video on replacing DVD drive and then performed the task. When I went to start the Macbook it acts as it is getting no power. Battery is fully charged and power supply shows green. But nothing happens when I push the power button.

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Double check the top case connection to the logic board.

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First of all, which model do you have?

The LED light does turn on after you press the power button?

After you press the Button power there are any signs of life?

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Do not have it with me right now but it is a 2006 Macbook.

LED light does not turn on after you press the power button.

After pressing button there are no signs of life.


Ok then, you have to check a few steps before taking further actions. First of all you have to eliminate/determine in wich process does your MacBook is stuck, fortunately the computer itself is not that difficult or depends of magic.

First in your case you have to determine if power is pressent and the MacBook detects it.

Does the MagSafe LED indicator turns on when the computer is connected to the power?

If it's turns on, the main logic board detects the electricity. If the battery is still functioning then the MagSafe LED may change color (orange if it's being charging, or green if it's fully charged, 95% to 100%).

If the MagSafe LED does not turns on, maybe you're experience two different scenarios. First is that the computer does not recieve power (maybe is the MagSafe itself, or maybe something happened when you gave it service for example when a technician is a freshman sometimes forgets to plug all the connectors, or maybe some bad hardware does not allow the computer to start) or may be even the main logic board, the MagSafe Board, etc...


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