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Fünfte Generation des iPhones. Die Reparatur dieses Geräts ist unkompliziert und mithilfe von Schraubendrehern, Hebelwerkzeugen und Geduld zu machen. GSM und CDMA mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB in schwarz oder weiß.

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Creating a super antenna

I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this or if there is even a dedicated section to pose questions about these kind of "homebrew" solutions but here it goes.

Ive been mulling over the idea of creating a super antenna by connecting several of the the internal cellular antennas in either parallel or in series. These would be attached to the rear glass somehow ( Ive yet to determine the exact practical method of doing so). If anyone out there has any in depth insight as to how this would or would not work then constructive criticism is welcome.

I have a ATT iphone unlocked onto the T Mobile network, I understand that they do not communicate on all the same frequencies. My issue is that my place of residence must be on the very edge of T mobiles service coverage so i bounce between 2 bars and searching all the time. I have no issues with reception when i am at work in town so i know i do not have a hardware issue, i just want to experiment a little.

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Improving reception is possible, but not by putting multiple antenna into it. Antennas are tuned to their working frequencies. Putting multiple ones together only ruins this tuning. Creating a directional antenna is possible, just like those giant radio telescopes. but it means that you'll have to make a big basket-like equipment with the phone and point it to the cell tower. Or you can improve the coverage by asking T Mobile for help, maybe they'll install an amplifier or femtocell at your place.

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