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Power button cable issues

During screen replacement the power button cable tore. I bought a new cable and put in in and the button still didn't work. I bought a new "daughter" board and installed it but I have had no success. The power button volume buttons, and slide switch all are not working. (All same cable) this model is rare to find parts or help for so any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You have to install the cable on the right place on the case.

Don't connect it !

Turn on you iPad (i know, it´s not correct to work with it turned on, but it´s easier), and unlock it.

Insert the cable on the conector and as soon the iPad detects it, lock it place.

(If you connect the cabble all the way to the bottom, he will not work. Only works half way.)

Test all the functions.

If some don´t work, try to gently move the conector backward´s and forward.

it´s not hard but it requires a lot of pacience.....

(Sorry for the rudimental English, it´s not my mother language, but i hope to help).

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This worked perfectly. Great advice. Thank you.


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You should try a new cable,

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I have found that the connection for this power button cable is super sensitive and has to be delicately put in or it will not register.

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