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3G battery life unchanged after upgrade to 1600 mAh battery

I recently replaced the original iPhone 3G battery with a 1600 mAh battery (part: 616-0366). After the upgrade and after a month of use i don't see an improvement in battery life (vs a 21-month old original 1100 mAh battery). Under medium use, i get the 20% battery remaining pop-up message before i put it on the charger each night. I have tried a hard reset and a restore and reload from backup and still see no noticeable change. Is there anything you need to do after replacing the battery to get the phone to recognize the new battery and take advantage of the higher capacity?

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how do you charge these, its not charging for me it is stuck at charging screen


Click on the guides... Top right under the photo. If you need more help please start your own question


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I replaced original 3gs battery with 1600 mAh, as the original wouldn't last all day when using the GPS golf app or road app.

The instructions are on youtube but be careful and take your time.

Use a suction cup to remove the face, after taking out the sim and 2 screws.

It does last longer, as long as you do the usual:

1. turn off fetch new data for emails

2. turn off notifications

3. turn off wifi when not required

4. disable 3g, when not required

5. turn off bluetooth when not required

6. turn off GPS when not required

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