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20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch aluminum LCD displays introduced by Apple in June 2004. Models A1081, A1082, and A1083 respectively.

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Power light is flashing on display, screen doesn't light up w/computer

I have it connected as a plalette monitor on a MacPro G5. Also connected is a 30" and another 23" display. These two are working fine. I have connected a 20" to the plug and it successfully lights the 20" up. Obviously the 23" display is defective. Are there internal parts that I can trouble shoot? I am fairly good at repairing computers - installing memory, HDs, video cards, motherboards, etc. Is this something I can do myself?


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pleas read this: Apple LCD displays: Power light flashes

maybe it helps to find the problem



since it's to "problematic" to recognize a common html link, i post the information wrote on the apple support page.

Pattern: short, short, short

Meaning: The display is detecting wrong video format or an unsupported resolution.

Verify that your equipment is compatible and restart the computer. If the issue continues, reset the PRAM.

Pattern: short, long, short

Meaning: Make sure you are using the correct power adapter with the display. This alert will only appear on displays built in 2004 or later which require an external power adapter.

Pattern: short, short, long

Meaning: The display is detecting a backlight error. Check your display's power connections and restart the computer. If the problem continues, contact Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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What kind of answer is that? I wouldn't be asking if I knew the answer.


The colored words are a link to Apple's discussion of your problem. Just click on it. Markus tends to forget that not everyone is as experienced with links as he is because he does this every day.


Markus, I gave you a negative vote on this because we just had to do this yesterday on another of your links. Your links are not obvious to a casual user.


ok richard, understood - maybe i should no longer post links at all, if they are not "compatible" in times of web2.0


No, post the links, just let them know what it is. Most of the time we are not dealing with professionals here. This was meant to be constructive criticism to help make you a better advisor to others, you're doing great and your hard work is appreciated very much. I've negated the downvote with an up,


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Thanks Markus

You put me on the right track. I had a 22 monitor with a flashing light (2 short 1 long) Thought it was the back light. I have 2 monitors a 22 inch and a 20 inch took one home to work on and when it came back to the office wouldn't work. After reading the comment about the power adapter I switched the power adapters and it work straight away Cheers my freind

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thanks for the feedback, it's always nice to see when an answer was useful ;-)


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Common failure I found on these 23" Aluminum case is due to bad 3.3vdc regulator IC VR3 on the main board. Check the center pin to make sure the output is 3.3v, bad one usually puts out about 4vdc.

See my pictures here:


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