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Touch doesn't work after I tape screen to device

I have had an issue with the past two iPad Mini devices I have repaired. The touch on the screen works great I test it before closing the iPad and after I close the iPad the touch doesn't work anymore. It starts touching apps on it's own and goes crazy. I have tried 3 different screens and two different iPads and I get the same issue. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

I put some tape over the connection where the digitizer flex connects to the IC chip, but that didn't help either.

Please does anyone have any solution I can try?

Thank you so much

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Have you made sure you have folded the flex towards the LCD & not nipped it when you put the screen down.

If it folds back under the screen it can kink the flex when you take the screen back up look at the flex does it have a crease in it?

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Yes, it does have the crease. I just folded it towards the LCD, but it still does the same thing. Does that mean that the screen had gone bad now because of this? Do I need to replace it with another screen?

Thanks so much for your help :)


Kenny you are a genius! Tried a completely new screen and folded the flex towards the LCD and boom it works! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! :)


Never mind. I just sealed the iPad and it is doing the touch issue again :(.

Anything else it could be?


Hi Mandy.

I always make sure the flex cable does not get creased along with jessa's suggestion of taping the digitiser correctly.

I now don't have any issues with the screens any more when i fit them but i learned the hard way i went through quite a few screens in the beginning & they weren't cheap.


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Yes, be sure not to kink the flex and fold it toward the LCD so that it tucks under the board.

If the flex develops a crease--especially with the cheap screens---then it may never work.

But the problem here is a taping issue. You need to tape the digitizer as in the original. This means: a line of tape (kapton tape is best, electrical tape is too tacky) across the bottom of the digitizer where the glass meets the colored surround. Tape on the home flex in two spots as in original to cover some of the copper parts of the home flex. Tape over the two LCD screws on the right hand side of the digitizer as in original.

Taping will solve this. There is an extensive thread on here that describes digitizer ghosting and the work done to figure out this taping ritual. Maybe someone can provide the link?


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