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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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In need of replacement belt number

Hello all,

I bought a used pair of old Kenmore 110 series washer and dryer. Dryer seems to function fine, no problem there. I believe that I have a bad belt on the washing machine though. The machine fills fine, drains fine, and agitates fine. However, when the spin cycle engages, there is a loud clicking or knocking noise and the drum does not appear to spin.

When I tried to look up the belt used on that appliance, and I cannot find one for the washer. I can only find it for the dryer. Is my diagnosis correct, and where can I purchase that belt?



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Dennis, yes you do have a drive belt. It should be part number 95405. Double check this with your model number not the 110 series. If it is the belt, the drum will not rotate in any cycle and should also not agitate. Sounds more like a transmission problem. Let us know the serial number etc. of your washer so we can check this a bit better. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Kenmore Model 110 91551200 serial# CE0142401

Thank you for your response. If I'm not mistaken, the drum should not rotate in any cycle except for the spin cycle on that machine? When it is in the washing cycle, the agitator moves back and forth. When the spin cycle engages, there is just a loud clicking noise and I'm not sure that the drum spins. I was assuming not because the clothes are still fully saturated with water at the end of the cycle. The drum, however, is not full of water. Does the pump independently pump water out of the machine without the drum spinning?

It is for those reasons that I had assumed it was the drive belt. I took an appliance repair course years ago, but never worked in the field. So I am trying to go off of memory here. What would the transmission problem likely be? I'm just looking to fix this up so that I can finally be fully moved into the new place with a happy woman by my side :)

Thank you very much for your response and assistance



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