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The Nokia Lumia 920, developed by Nokia and released in November 2012, utilizes Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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Do I need to replace the LCD or the digitizer?

I woke up this morning, unlocked my phone, and the left side of the screen had colourful vertical lines running from the top to the bottom.

Block Image

The phone is still working perfectly well, the touchscreen is working, there are no cracks in the glass, everything is fine apart from the visual mess.

Do I need to replace my digitizer? My LCD? Is both broken? Or is a connection loose. I've dropped my phone several times before this happened.


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Max, looks like you need a new LCD. I previously tried to separate the digitizer from the LCD with the right tools and still failed. I would suggest you replace the assembly. Here is a a good video that shows hot to separate the parts if that is the way you want to go. I prefer to replace the complete assembly since it does have a higher rate of success. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for the advice! I think I'll still go with the parts, buying the complete assembly (digitizer+glass+LCD) is quite a bit more pricer :/


Max, sounds good. Create a guide while you work on your Lumia and post it. I am sure it will help lots of people after. Best of luck to you.


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I'm not sure what phone that is or weather you can seperate digatizer from the lcd.. But it looks like lcd damage look up the guide for the phone and see if it can be seperated if it can then it's a lcd you need..

Also I would check that the connectors inside haven't come loose and are seeded correctly

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It's a Lumia 920, and yes you can split the two up! There shouldn't be anything wrong with the digitizer yeah?


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Max, I just replaced the whole assembly on this phone a couple weeks ago. Yes, the whole assembly is more expensive, but trying to remove the glass without breaking or at the very least cracking the glass, may prove difficult and time consuming. Heck the whole assembly only cost $79. Then you've got to have the right adhesive to put the glass on the LCD. Now you have adhesive left over, that you hopefully will never need again. The glass, digitizer and LCD are factory-made as one piece. Without the right equipment to separate the two, could cost you more in the long run.

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