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Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Why does my battery drain fast when I'm not using the device?

Whenever I wake my Transformer up after it has been used for awhile, the amount of charge left in the battery is much lower than I expect. The Transformer is supposed to be in sleep mode, but the battery life has decreased too much for the device to really be sleeping, I feel.

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If the battery is drains faster than it should when the tablet is inactive, there are two possibilities: the battery settings are not optimized for use or the battery is bad. For help, follow this link: Asus Transformer T100 Troubleshooting Page

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Another cause for the battery draining quickly is an out of date BIOS. With this unit being fairly new to the market, ASUS went through a dozen BIOS revisions in the past 10 months. The newest one at this time is BIOS 307 and can be found here - ASUS T100TA BIOS Rev. 307

The ASUS Download Page can be found here - ASUS T100TA Download Page, in case they update the BIOS again, or you need any of the drivers for your T100.

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I can honestly say that after a year of use i know all about this..

its areal problem with the T100 out the box.

you need to know that powering down does not power down, it just suspends the machine, T100 has a kind of quick resume set as standard ( windows 8 default )

to fix this you need to disable the HIBERFILE, just Google "how to turn off hibernate in Windows 8.1"

then delete your HIBERFILE and your good to go, now power off will power off !

Battery charges in about 2 hours and stays charged!

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Mine T100TAF. Even in windows 10 there is still the same problem. Disabling the "fast power on" in the advanced power settings worked well. No more battery drain. Thanks David


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I'm running bios 306. When I use Asus Live Update to scan for updates 307 isn't shown as an update. I've read on some postings that 307 is for the computers with a hard drive, but not sure if that is correct. I'm going to stay with 306 since it is working for me.

I too was having issues with the battery draining when it was in storage. I only use my T100 occasionally. I changed the settings in "Change what closing the lid does". When it was set to put the computer to sleep on battery when the lid was closed the battery drained. I changed the setting to "shut down" the computer when the power button is used, or the lid is closed while on battery and the battery is now staying charged.

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