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The HP Deskjet F4480 Printer/Copier/Scanner. This printer was intended for home or small office use.

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Why are no words printing on the paper?

when I print it goes through the rollers but comes out blank

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Try to print test page:

Press and hold the Power ON button and the Cancel button (x).

If the printer again print blank page, then 90% you have problem with the head.

You can try to clean it or to buy new one.


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Hi, You may be out of black ink. I don't know if it's HP thing or Windows thing but black regular documents are forced to be printed with black ink, when it's out, the printer gives back blank paper. Try removing black ink cartridge only, printer will then switch to mix it's colours to make black and then try. Also try changing text colour while printing to see if it's print. You can also download HP software and print test page. If it'll work, it means you're out of black ink

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