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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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How did you remove the SSD metal cover?

I'm upgrading the 256 SSD drive to the 512 . but it does not have metal cover how do I remove the one that came on the 256 stock?

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i tried my too but too hard to remove it. i scare to damage my 1Tb ssd. Any advice?


@jimmychan1007 I damaged the one I removed. my advice is don't do it


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If you have a Mac Pro tower system as pictured to the right here then you'll need to follow this IFIXIT guide Mac Pro Late 2013 SSD Replacement.

The metal cover (heat sink) on the SSD unit is part of the unit (Apples part). Are you sure you have the correct replacement part? You need a special M2 PCIe SSD unit so far there are only a few suppliers for this part make sure you have the correct unit.

Update (05/04/2016)

Well OWC has created a upgrade option here it is: Aura SSD for 2 Generation Mac Pro

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I was told it is for Mac Pro its the same part number it may have come from the late 2013 Macbook Retina. I have been researching it and people said that model number works great and they got better read speeds then the 256.

Here are the two Part Numbers Stock Apple

256GB Apple # 655-1803D Samsung Model Number MZ-JPU256/0A6

512GB Apple # 655-1805D Samsung Model Number MZ-JPU512/0A6

My Apple 256 has a link of 4. The same controller chips on board . It seems from the tear down they took the heat sink off.


Don't go by the controller logic as it's programed! The M.2 PCIe interface standard logic definitions are on the loose side, we just don't know what Apple is doing here. Which I think is the reason it's taking the 3rd parties a bit of time reverse engineering the part. We tried a so called M.2 PCIe SSD in our Mac Pro and we couldn't get it to work (physically looked the same just larger storage like what you are doing). For now I would wait till the major part houses have the units for sale (OWC etc...) Most have announced they will be offering the SSD part just not available quite yet.


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I had success in taking of the protection / heat sink using a hair dryer a metal spud and a laser infra-red thermometer.

Once my hair dryer was not so strong temperature didn't passed from 70o Celsius

I didn't wanted the ssd hotter than 80. C.

After some minutes it realized With little effort on the spud.

I did it to use the ssd from the mac pro in my Macbook Air 11.

I don't think it is necessarily to use that plate if you upgrade your mac pro. it doesn't seem to be a heat sink since it is plain and it is glue with 2 stickers. It will not cooler the ssd, maybe will even keep the heat inside of it since it is a air cushion

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You may want to look at the 3rd party options as they offer bigger sizes than Apple for you MacBook Air. Here's OWC's options: MacBook Air SSD options


Yep. They finally did it. Also there are huge options for the mac pro 2013


it is quite hard to remove the glue inside, it might damage the chips. i tried to heat with heat gun at 70 degree but still to hard.


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