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a compact 'Travel Zoom' camera announced on January 31, 2007 as the successor to the TZ2.

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view finder shows a purple distorted image


Unfortunately, I do not know the answer, however my Lumix TZ-3 has the same problem.

The view finder shows a purple distorted image when I try to take any new pictures.

Pictures taken previously display correctly with full color and sharp focus. The purple images are extremely fuzzy. This happened suddenly. The camera has not been dropped or damaged in any way. It probably is the CCD imager.

I found a link to the TZ3 repair manual from an answer to another problem with this camera on the ifixit website, however that link is broken. Does anyone have the correct link to the repair manual? I tried the www.panasonic.com website, however it only has a link to the owner's manual - not the repair manual.

I think I may just have to buy a new camera.

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Jerry Pohorsky, I changed this to its own question since it was tucked away as an answer to a 2 year old question.


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Jerry Pohorsky, it does sound like a bad CCD imager. To download the service manual go to this page. Scroll all the way down to Service Documents and click on the blue link. That will download the manual. Hope this helps, good luck.

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