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Microphone doesn´t work after Water damage

My Nexus 4 was face down on my desk in a big puddle of water overnight. But it was in a rubber case, that elevated it a bit. The next day the microphone didn´t work any more and there was some discolored parts on the display. I let it dry in a bag of rice for 24 hours. The display went back to normal. Only the microphone doesn´t work ever since. If i do voice recording it only pics up static and tapping on it.

Is it possible to replace the microphone on the daugtherboard?


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You will need to replace the mic. Here is the link to the part you will need. Very simple repair. Just unscrew the phone, logic board and pull the old mic/charging port flex off the board and click the new flex back down. Here is the part as long as it is the E960 http://amzn.to/1hPhSTH

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can please describe the procedure


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Hi! I did as suggested by Jonathan James and the microphone now works well and I can charge the phone again :)

But I noticed a worse signal :(

Do you have any suggestion??



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