The dv5-1125nr is an multimedia entertainment laptop that features a 15.4" display, a built in camera, and toggle touchpad

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Why won't my display turn on?

I can boot my laptop on and I can hear the sounds from Windows, but the screen is black and it doesn't look like the backlight is on. Is something disabling the screen?

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Nick Loey, the very first thing you want to try is to hook it up to an external monitor and see if that display is working right. If it is you know that your GPU is okay. Then check the LVDS cable and make sure everything is properly seated. If it is, you may need to consider a new LCD since you may have a bad backlight. See if you can see some outlines of your desktop by using a flashlight and angle it toward the screen. Hope this helps, good luck.

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hi my name is yn .... i like your site .. can you plese heal me...

my laptop not start up destop during booting..

i format twice install new os .... but still this problem ...

this problem gose when i replace new screen ...

my HDD is run in other laptop but not mine one...

but my boot with other HDD... so can you inform me...


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Puede ser que la lampara de la pantalla esta dañada o floja ya que este equipo utiliza pantalla lcd ; te recomiendo probar conectando un monitor externo para verificar que el monitor tenga en pantalla el sistema operativo completamente cargado.


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