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Das Galaxy SII ist ein Smartphone mit Android "Gingerbread" das von Samsung designt, entwickelt und vertrieben wurde.

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stuck in emergency mode

stuck saying emergency mode connect to kies .when connected to kies will not down load stock firmware.

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There is a variation for each carrier around the world for the Galaxy S2, and if you provide which carrier it is for and the model number (on the back behind the battery), I can point you to the correct official ROM and ODIN download to attempt to fix this with.


how would I provide you with the carrier details?

the model number is:RVRB814865E


That's a serial number, not a model number.

I am looking for something like SPH-D710 or T989UVLE1


ohh sorry,

model number: GT-I9100


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Let's hope some of this information is helpful:

Causes of stuck in emergency mode:

No service (Can be caused by IMEI missing, generic IMEI, sim card not reading properly (usually the sim card reader physically damaged).

Solution for IMEI missing:

- Rewrite imei on phone, this is needed for generic IMEI (0049xxxxxxxxxxx)too (using tool such as Z3X box)

- Reflash firmware on phone (Using ODIN [Avoid losing data on just flash], Samsung Kies / Smart Switch [Will wipe user data on flash])

Sim card not being read:

- Re-align pins

- Resolder broken off pins

- Replace sim card slot.

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Try to do a factory / hard reset. Power off the phone and remove the battery for 4-5 sec.

Press and hold together the Home, Volume Up and the Power button. When you see the Samsung logo release only the Power button.

Now from the Android system recovery menu choose "wipe data / factory reset", "Yes -- delete ..." and "reset system now". Use the Volume UP/DOWN keys for navigation in the menu and the Power for OK.

This operation will erase all your data !!!


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I have a same problem but I get firmware recovery main screen -- not the samsung logo.


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what if I couldn't do that, its giving me a black screen with error in connection icon, or the same screen that's appears when I am in the emergency recovery mode I think.. how can I fix this??

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