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Released May 1, 2012. The first backlit eReader tablet emits a soft backlight for improved night reading. The device is simple to open up, but the components are all connected.

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Is there any way to repair holes in the masking?

I replaced my nook's screen using your guide, unfortunately the grey-market screen I was able to get has several holes in the masking used to control the backlight's intensity. They're very distracting and I was wondering if there's any simple way to kind of patch them up that a home repairer could use. It has to be a pretty simple matter of just using the right chemical and using a paintbrush.

Couldn't find any info elsewhere, so I thought I'd ask here.

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Waiting for the answer on this one, since I've got the same problem. Haven't replaced my screen, but there's a few scratches or damaged areas in the masking on mine as well. The intensely bright spots are a tad distracting. Pretty sure its just an issue with the masking since you can almost see the scratch in the non-glare coating at the right angle, but the screen itself doesn't seem to have any damage. Was this way at purchase, but of course now its out of warranty. Hoping for an easy fix.

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