Bad or faulty Motherboard on Compaq Presario CQ50 laptop?

Hi, I have a compaq presario cq50 and i recently installed linux mint 16 after I wiped the hard drive. Before that, I had windows 8 on it and then I went to install windows 8.1 on it. After it was done the keyboard didn't work on it. Then I went to install the keyboard driver with and external keyboard and touchpad. It rebooted and then the keyboard worked and the touchpad didnt work. I reinstalled the touchpad driver and it still didn't work. Im wondering if the motherboard is bad. This computer was out of operation from late 2009 to mid 2013 and it was made in 2007. Also, the usb port on the left side doesn't work.

Thanks, Ted.

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So, which OS do you have now? You updated all the drivers? Is it a single USB port that is not working?


I have linux mint cinnamon and its a single usb port on the left that doesn't work and the touchpad


Your drivers are all Linux drivers?


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