This laptop was released in April of 2004, it is an upgrade of the 1100 series.

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I can't get it to stay on

I can't get it to stay on for 3or 4 seconds and it doesn't light up at all the middle light blinks

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what have you tried so far to fix this?


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I have a similar problem with a laptop, though it will not even stay on for 1 second. Common problems that cause this are:

CPU fan failure


Poorly seated RAM

Faulty CPU

Short in power button daughter board

short in motherboard

bad battery

bad battery/power inverter

Oh, and the one last thing that a lot of people overlook, is an hard power off that results in residual charges being left in the capacitors. While this is rare, you can continue to create the situation the more you try to reboot. The solution is to unplug the laptop, remove the battery, and hold the power button down for ~30 to ~60 seconds. Plug the computer back in, leave the battery out, and try to turn in back on. This is almost never the case, but it does happen. Too bad it is so rare as well since it is the easiest fix.

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It good also be that the power supply has gone bad. Motherboards have a chip that checks for correct voltage and amps. If the chip finds a fault it shuts the computer down to prevent damage. I have a motherboard that had this chip overheat and partially melt through.


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